Game ដាវអ្នកក្លាហានដំបូងនៅ CAMBODIA


How to link Facebook account / google account to ID Gamo account


1. For Facebook account
Step 1: login link: with your Facebook account ( Get ID account when login with Facebook ).

Step 2: click " Link account " to access the link page of seting Gamo ID account.

After clicking the Link account, a table will appear below to fill in the information.
- Username: Enter the name of your Account Gamo ID that you would like to create.
- Password: enter the password
- Confirm password: Re-enter the password you just created.

Take Note:
Remember save the newly created username and password to enter the game
Only the first gamo ID account linked to the Facebook account will keep the ingame information the same. However, for the next created Gamo ID account will be counted as a new game account and play again from the beginning. So please be careful not to create multiple ID Gamo accounts from 1 Facebook account.


2. For Google account

Step 1: Log-in link with your Google+ account (Gmail).

Step 2: Click send activation email to active the email.

Step3: Click the link on the email sent to finish active the email.

Now your Gmail became a GAMO ID.

Step 4: Now you can not change the password because the Gmail password is not included with the ID Gamo password. 
you need to change new password to log-in account
Click on "Forgot Password" at

- Account: your gmail account
- Current mail: your gmail account.

In mail password received, click the link below to active password.

After that, congrat your gmail account already become Gamo ID account. Now you can use new ID account + password to play the game

Visit: to change new password, update account security information (Gmail, ID, phone number, security questions and answers) and other important practices.